Internet of Things (IoT) paves the way for savvy manufacturers to redefine the manufacturing process and how products are designed. Advanced manufacturing allows companies to deliver more value to customers resulting in a much stronger partnership. IoT together with Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are among the key enabling technologies of Advanced Manufacturing.

The adoption of the IoT technology in the advanced manufacturing environment, also called Industrial IoT, has many benefits: cost reduction, shorter time-to-market, mass customization and improved safety. Below are some indicative Industrial IoT applications:

  • Predictive maintenance. By connecting IoT-driven devices that are equipped with different types of sensors, to other devices, cloud or legacy systems, technicians and engineers can obtain essential maintenance data allowing to estimate the current condition of machineries, determine warning signs, transmit alerts and activate corresponding repair processes.
  • Remote Production Control. Thanks to the IoT technology, data collected from various field devices like switches, valves, and other indication elements is transmitted to the industrial automation system that ensures an overall control of machinery amid production process.
  • Asset tracking. The use of IoT technology in combination with native web and mobile apps makes it possible to obtain real-time asset information and make reasonable decisions.
  • Logistics management. IoT can reveal supply chain inefficiencies by eliminating blind spots from logistics processes.

Maximizing the impact of Industrial IoT requires innovation through strategic IT/OT partnerships. For instance, just recently, Siemens, IBM, and Red Hat announced a collaboration that would allow Industrial IoT users to use a hybrid cloud solution to maximize their efforts.

The DTAM consortium brings together education and training providers, advanced manufacturing industry representatives, as well as other key actors of the advanced manufacturing ecosystem to co-design, co-develop and test a novel curriculum and IoT labs for the upskilling/reskilling of advanced manufacturing technicians.

We are almost finalizing the first version of the DTAM curriculum and we are going through the first steps towards defining the specifications of the IoT labs which will be used during the pilots to promote problem-solving and experimental learning.

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