Multiplier events

If you know anything about Erasmus+ projects then you probably know that we take pride in what we do and try to share the project results with as much people as possible. One way which enables us to do so is via the so-called project Multiplier events: an official event to celebrate the project results within each partner country.

The DTAM Multiplier events will be organized in each Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands and a final event in Spain. These events will present the achievements of the DTAM training curriculum and will be a key tool for exploitation of the project results on a regional/national level after the project lifetime.

Final conference

The joint international Final conference will be an event hosted in Spain and is a key exploitation activity to be carried out by project partners from each country. The conference aims to gather all the project stakeholders like higher and VET education providers, technical students and adult learners, relevant businesses, policy makers, employment associations and agencies, Industry 4.0 companies as well as the general public. The event will introduce the DTAM rationale, experience and achievements, and present the updated revised curriculum, DTAM IoT hub and labs, while also promoting the newly launched International Network of IoT labs.

Finally, the conference will allow for an in-depth exploration of the project activities, results and training opportunities ensuring their sustainability in the future.

The DTAM Multiplier events and Final conference are planned to happen towards the end of the project in Fall 2023.

Interested in joining any of these events? Check this page regularly or let us know you are interested via the contact form and we will make sure to notify you in due time.