DTAM Training curriculum is a key project activity which will provide access to the project IoT remote labs and AM Workshops which will offer the possibility to provide training areas like Augmented reality, Advanced sensors, Big Data, IoT and Cybersecurity. Initial and CVET trainees will enter a new integrated learning network comprising mobile, F2F and practical “remote” learning via developed international IoT lab/AM workshops. Students will have access to a range of learning environments, being able to enter remote labs in which to develop their digital skills: planning, launching, executing and monitoring digital activities for AM.

The DTAM curriculum will also present a dedicated online learning platform and a tool for self-assessment of digital and transversal skills. Sounds exciting right? Well, we have some more good news for you: we are also going to test all of this and you can be part of that. The project foresees special workshops to validate the training methodology, curriculum and content and we are going to need your help to do so.

Interested in joining these pilot testing activities? Check this page regularly or let us know you are interested via the contact form and we will make sure to notify you in due time.