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Project Overview

Five European Regional Skills ecosystems comprising H/VET, HE centers and educational policymakers, digital transformation experts and sectoral representatives from Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria, have collaboratively designed, tested, refined and exploited an integral curriculum in digital transformation competence for mid to high level EU technicians, available in English and all 5 partner languages by 2023.

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Digital self-evaluation tool

Digital self-evaluation tool is a self-diagnosis of soft and hard skills based on the skill needs identified under DTAM project. The learners are able to evaluate their knowledge in each of the modules and it offers them the conclusion on their needs of skills training, upskilling and reskilling.

The Digital self-evaluation tool is available at the following link:

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The Evolution of Artificial Intelligence: A Glimpse into the Near Future

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has evolved from a theoretical concept to a transformative force shaping our world. The journey, marked by symbolic AI, machine learning revolutions, and the dominance of deep learning, has paved the way for an imminent future where AI's influence is set to surge. As we anticipate exponential growth in data, breakthroughs in healthcare, and ethical considerations, the implementation of AI in advanced manufacturing emerges as a key player. From predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization, AI is poised to redefine efficiency and productivity, ushering in an era where innovation harmonizes with responsibility.
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The 23rd Edition of the Advanced And Digital Manufacturing Congress In Spain

With over 100 talks spread over 3 days, this three-fold informative, scientific and security-focused programme is especially designed for advanced industry and we were there to showcase the DTAM project
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Modernizing and expanding the EU VET offer: the DTAM case

We firmly believe, that the DTAM project stands as a transformative force in European VET, not only by addressing the immediate skills gap in Smart Manufacturing, but also by setting
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Synergizing Intelligence: The Integration of IoT and Machine Learning for Smart Factories

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, the integration of the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning heralds a new era of intelligent, adaptive, and self-optimizing production environments – the
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Watch the “DTAM: A Step Closer to Quality Education in VET” webinar

The European Vocational Skills Week is now on! We kicked it off with our "DTAM: A Step Closer to Quality Education in VET" webinar. Did you miss it? You can now enjoy it on YouTube.
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