Adequately trained OT technicians

Manufacturing SMEs are forecasting an increasing need of adequately trained OT technicians with digital competence.

Technical and transversal skills mistmatches

A mismatch between the available workers and the skills necessary to fill open jobs.

Upskilling and reskilling

Urgent need for updated training for low or under-skilled adult workers threatened by replacement due to technological advances.

Promote specialisation

Promote and support regional strategic or smart specialisation.

Knowledge Flow Ecosystems

Need for updated practical training for student or adult learners involving IoT scenarios in project AM training labs linking VET systems, learners and SMEs.

Collaboration between sectors

Meet regional, national and EU occupational forecasts in the AM sector. Promote links between educators, SMEs and the labour market.

Modernise EU VET offer

Expansion of the VET/HVET/CVET training offers and curricula to support labour market evolution, economic, sectoral (SMEs) and learner wellbeing.

New initial VET training

New initial VET training is required, as well as reskilling and charted self-learning pathways.