Implementing vocational excellence approaches features prominently in the overall EU policy agenda for skills and for Vocational Education and Training (VET). CoVEs operate in a given local context, creating skills ecosystems for innovation, regional development, and social inclusion, while working with CoVEs in other countries through international collaborative networks. Likewise, DTAM focused on Five European Regional Skills ecosystems comprising H/VET, HE centers and educational policymakers, digital transformation experts and sectoral representatives from Spain, the Netherlands, Italy, Greece and Bulgaria, in order to collaboratively design, test, refine and exploit an integral curriculum in digital transformation competence for mid to high level EU technicians. We keep cooperating with the aim to foster innovation and training of young people as well as the continuing up-skilling and re-skilling of adults. In this spirit we would like to share news about the SECOVE congress and would specially invite everyone interested in promoting excellence in VET to attend it. The attendance to this event is free and a Certificate of Attendance will be given to the attendants.

SECOVE Congress is an unprecedented event dedicated to bringing together key players and experts in the field of vocational and educational training (VET). This gathering will be held at the iconic Aquarium in San Sebastian, on July 2nd and 3rd of 2024. Over two intensive days, the event will offer a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and best practices in vocational training, with a special focus on Centres of Vocational Excellence (CoVE), recognizing their crucial role in preparing students for today’s and tomorrow’s labor market challenges. Some topics to be covered will be related to sustainability and emerging trends in VET, promoting constructive dialogue among educators, industry professionals, students, and policymakers.

Throughout the event, participants will have the opportunity to engage in workshops, roundtable discussions, and plenary sessions, all focused on excellence and innovation in VET. Plenary sessions will feature thought leaders and industry experts discussing the current state and future of VET, focusing on adapting to the changing needs of the industry and society. Roundtable discussions offer spaces for dialogue where participants can share experiences, challenges, and solutions in implementing high-quality VET programs and deployment of CoVEs where different projects will have the opportunity to share ideas and find collaborative opportunities. We invite you to be part of this significant event, where together we can forge a promising future for vocational education. 

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