Transversal skills were rated highly in the industry during the 21st century and became of utmost importance since 2020. The critical role of transversal skills is also highlighted by the European Commission, which made the acquisition of skills an integral part of the industrial policy and the recovery plan for Europe. The aim of the EU policy is to create a workforce with sector specific technical skills but also with transversal skills, a combination that can provide passport to global employment. The latter is further supported by the European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, which defines employability as “a combination of factors, such as job-specific skills and transversal skills, which enable individuals to enter into employment, stay in employment and advance in their careers”[1].

COVID-19 has accelerated automation and digitalization and resulted in an ever-changing career environment. Workers in advanced manufacturing need a balanced combination of skills that will help them to adjust to the post COVID era. According to recent surveys, companies declare skills gaps and this discrepancy revealed a need for transversal skills shifting the job requirements from traditional working to ways of working. Employees are in need of soft skills that will enable them to adapt effectively into the new working environment.

Future workers in advanced manufacturing need to be trained not only in cutting edge technology, but also in creativity, team leading, problem solving, self-learning, adaptability and flexibility in order to be employable and provide services of high quality. DTAM’s training curriculum aims to fulfil this emergent need and provide and integrated programme with the appropriate balance of skills for advanced manufacturing workforce of today and tomorrow.

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[1] Eurofound. Skills and training. 22 April 2021. Online article. 23 April 2021. <>.

Featured image credit: Gerd Altmann | Pixabay

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