The twenty-third edition of the most important industrial congress held in Spain was held in San Sebastian from October 25 to 27, with the participation of more than 550 people from companies, technology centers and universities in the field of advanced and digital manufacturing.

Spain’s first ever technology congress, which was first held in 1976, has become a benchmark event in the area of advanced and digital manufacturing. In addition to the state-of-the-art technical and scientific perspective that has characterised the congress from the start, it has taken on a global vision, tackling matters such as disruptive advanced manufacturing technologies, the factory of the future, robotics and automation, additive manufacturing, attracting and managing talent for manufacturing, the safety of persons and machines in smart industry, the challenges of the main industrial sectors or sustainability.


This year, throughout the course of three days, attendees had the chance to learn more about a global vision of topics such as the factory of the future, the challenges that technological advances pose to the society of the future, the effects of the integration of Artificial Intelligence in industry, disruptive technologies such as 5G or Industrial Cybersecurity, robotics and automation, digitalization, additive manufacturing, sustainability, talent management and the challenges of strategic sectors such as aeronautics, rail, automotive, energy and defense.

The opening session on 25 October was presided by the President of the Basque Government, Iñigo Urkullu, and participants including prestigious journalist and communicator Iñaki Gabilondo and renowned scientist Pedro Miguel Etxenike, who shared a conversation on the challenges posed by technological advancements for the present and the future of society.

The Congress also had an exhibition area where different companies showed their products and services to the attendees. That’s where our partners from the AFM CLUSTER represented by Josu Riesu, were positioned as well, to showcase the DTAM project. 

In addition, this year as a novelty, during the congress on advanced and digital manufacturing, a congress on machine safety was held in parallel, in which the latest developments in this field were presented.

This year the congress was attended by relevant companies such as Microsoft, Telefónica, Cipherbit, Siemens, IBM, Renishaw, Aernnova, Gestamp, Petronor, Renfe, Fagor Automation, Tecnalia, Danobatgroup or Airbus, among many others. It has been attended by expert speakers in the main fields of innovation in disruptive technologies, digitization, sustainability and talent management.

Learn more about the congress at their official website.

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