On March 9 2022, it was our partner Apro Formazione’s turn to host the DTAM partnership for our second transnational project meeting in the beautiful town of Alba, Italy.

Needless to say, the DTAM project partners worked intensively for three days, defining the contents of the training materials that will be tested in the different training centres. The technicians also tested for the first time the functioning of the DTAM IoT (Internet of Things) laboratory, interconnected at European level, by entering inputs from three different countries and obtaining a shared result.

The next step DTAM project leaders wanted to take, was to make the connection between all the mock-ups. Currently, there are 4 identical mock-ups in 4 different countries: Greece, Holland, Italy and Spain. They initial idea was to create several VPN-IPSEC between the 4 mock-ups, but unfortunately without success.

Then our partners from Apro proposed that, perhaps we can make one VPN-IPSEC per mock-up to one firewall that is in the Sarenet Cloud, where a server that they use is connected. Actually, to connect to that server they use a VPN-SSL connection. With the VPN-IPSEC connection, they would stop using the VPN-SSL and the connection between mock-ups will be managed in the firewall. Sounds too techy? Well then just remember that in early April 2022, the VPN-IPSEC between Da Vinci College (Dordrecht, the Netherlands) and the firewall located in Sarenet Cloud was made, but only this time successfully. 

The third and last day was an opportunity for discussion with local companies and universities like B&B Automation SRL, Spin SRL and the University of Eastern Piedmont (UPO), who offered their point of view on the work carried out within the project and proposed ideas for improvement in order to encourage the alignment of activities with the actual work environment and tertiary education. We sincerely thank them for their cooperation and support!

Next up is our third face-to-face meeting which has been scheduled for the end of June 2022. Stay tuned for more updates, as we are now going into the piloting phase of the project and we will be coming back with some more news about that in the coming months!


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