ROMOTICS (Autonomous Mobile Robots in Industry 5.0) is yet another Erasmus+ KA2 project that contributes to the digitalization process, by focusing on the automation of internal logistics as this is a recurrent issue for both large and small companies. Why use employee resources to move materials around when you can automate these tasks and have employees focus on higher-value activities? By automating material transportation, organizations can optimize productivity and can schedule deliveries more effectively to reduce production bottlenecks and human errors.


According to Deloitte [1] Autonomous Mobile Robots  “could provide a competitive advantage to employers within the next 10 years” and “can be used to improve the speed and accuracy of routine operations, particularly in warehousing and manufacturing spaces; work-side-by-side with humans for added efficiency; and reduce the risk of employee injury”Particularly, now that customer expectations and volumes of packages, shipments, and orders reach unsustainable levels for traditional approaches. ROMOTICS project tackles this labour need by providing a ready to use training Module to make European robotics students ready to meet the needs of the warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics industries to implement, optimize and develop these automated solutions. There are five European partners working on this project: AFPI Eure Seine Estuaire (France), APRO Formazione (Italy), DLEARN (Italy), IDEC (Greece) and the coordinator Politeknika Txorierri (Spain).


As the three core project partners with Automous Mobile Robots in their centres i.e. AFPI Eure Seine Estuaire, APRO Formazione and Politeknika Txorierri, all have different robot brands, the teaching material produced will cover these differences by providing standard/universal materials that are extremely useful for creating and demonstrating general programming applicable to any AMR.


ROMOTICS has also developed a Teacher toolkit with 6 real challenges for Automation and Robotics learners using a Challenge-Based Collaborative Learning approach. The Teachers Toolkit, which includes pedagogical support, can be used by any educationalist for their professional development. It provides general tools which will allow teachers to develop their own challenges for their own students in different fields.


Would you like to learn more? Visit the ROMOTICS project’s official website at to access its teaching tools and activities.


[1] Autonomous Robots and the Future of Supply Chain |Deloitte US

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