Politeknika Txorierri is a VET center in which training cycles are taught in the fields of Electronics, Mechanical Manufacturing and Environment. We have advanced robotics and automation workshops in which technologies of the new digital industry are implemented (artificial vision, collaborative robotics, intelligent sensors, data capture and storage in the cloud), and this is the moment in which we are willing to transfer all this knowledge to our manufacturing workshops; digitization and innovation are two of the pillars of our 2021-25 strategy.

We are currently leading the DTAM project, and at the same time, we participate in several regional innovation projects financed by the Basque Government through the innovation projects of TKNIKA (Basque VET Applied Research Centre):

  • Deep Learning for Quality Control: in this project we collaborate with the Data Science department of Mondragon University in the development of didactic material that allows VET students to take their first steps in the field of Artificial Intelligence.
  • Smart Territory: in collaboration with Somorrostro center, a model has been implemented that allows the control of energy efficiency and the consumption of material resources of a school, measuring parameters such as the energy consumed in the workshops and the waste generated with IOT systems, and the implementation of photovoltaic self-consumption systems.

Our strategy follows the guidelines of the VI Basque VET Plan, in which actions aimed at promoting the digital and sustainable economy are prioritized. One of the most important achievements of these projects is the transfer of knowledge to our students to respond to the needs of the companies. Within this process, we have launched different specialization programs in the fields of Digital Transformation in industry, in which advanced knowledge in robotics, automation and industrial communications is already taught, and those of Advanced Sensorica, Systems of Data Storage in the Cloud, programming oriented to Data Processing (Data Science) and Industrial Cybersecurity.

You can learn more about Politeknika Txorierri by visiting www.txorierri.net.

Image credit: Infographic vector created by jcomp – www.freepik.com

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