In recent years, practical steps into Industry 4.0 have shown a plethora of IoT platforms being utilized throughout the producing industries. The result of this heterogeneity on the platform level is an unmanageable variety in the solution requirements on the edge. Most actors in this field have realized that better interoperability of solutions is mandatory if Industry 4.0 is expected to have a continuing impact.

Within the DTAM project, students will be trained to become the engineers of the future by exploiting the knowledge about IoT. ICT technicians will learn to understand all digital technology needed to install, configure and monitor cyber physical intelligence and tools in AM environments. OT technicians on the other hand will learn the ability to understand and manage digitalization tools and the most advanced AM technologies for secure deployment and maintenance.

In the DTAM IoT lab, devices are available for students so that they can learn in practice. With our European network for sharing all sensor data, students will experience what it is like to work in an (international) AM environment and to connect the equipment. They will learn what it’s like to use different connection types like GSM, LoRa WAN, Ethernet, and Bluetooth. With their knowledge of sensors and data connections, the students will be able to work in the Industry 4.0 environment and further shape the digital transition in advanced manufacturing.

The DTAM partnership is now close to finalising the training curriculum. We can’t wait to share some more good news with you very soon, so don’t lose your patience just yet!

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