We firmly believe, that the DTAM project stands as a transformative force in European VET, not only by addressing the immediate skills gap in Smart Manufacturing, but also by setting a precedent for collaborative, adaptive, and innovative approaches to vocational education and training tailored to the evolving needs of the workforce in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  


The need for modernized and flexible VET curricula is rooted in the rapidly evolving landscape of the modern workforce. As industries undergo profound transformations driven by technological advancements and changing economic demands, there is a critical imperative to ensure that VET programs are dynamic, relevant, and responsive to these shifts.


Hence, we’ve put together the “Modernizing and expanding the EU VET offer: the DTAM  case” white paper. It aims to share insights, findings, and recommendations for the improvement of the VET training offer across the EU, based on our Digital Transformation in Advanced Manufacturing (DTAM) project experience. It contains 8 particular improvement aspects in terms of modernizing VET and making it more accessible. The paper is especially dedicated to national and EU-wide policymakers, but also other actors involved in VET. 

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