Last week a group of four students and one teacher from APRO Formazione in Alba (Italy) visited Politeknika Txorierri in Derio (Spain). The aim of this mobility was to pilot the challenges corresponding to the Advanced Sensorica and Cybersecurity modules of the DTAM Project. The students from APRO are studying automation. The ones from Politeknika Txorierri are students of Telecommunications and Computing Systems.

For three days (from February 22nd to 24th) the APRO students implemented a system made up of an automaton, a frequency converter and a motor. The power consumed by the system, the operating temperature and the vibration of the motor were measured and the data collected were sent through a VPN (through encrypted and secure communication) to a database of the IoT Hub that, another partner in the project, Sarenet, provides to the project participants. The Politeknika Txorierri students collaborated in improving the cybersecurity of the system by setting up the VPN connection and a firewall that controlled the incoming and outgoing connections of the system.

We want to thank all the people involved in this project for the effort and commitment shown. These days gave the students the opportunity to improve not only their technical skills but their intercultural and team working skills as well by working together in a challenge with people from another country and culture. It was also an opportunity for both VET centres to take another step forward in the process of innovation and internationalization. A big thanks to everyone!

Watch some of the highlights of the experience in this short video:

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