Some while ago we told you about how our partners from Apro Formazione and Txorierri are running a combined exercise as part of the DTAM pilot training activities. Today, we would like to the same and let you know how the piloting activities are going on the other end of Europe i.e. the Netherlands.

Da Vinci College, a key partner in the international DTAM project (Digital Transformation in Advanced Manufacturing), is committed to providing students with a cutting-edge education. The European DTAM project focuses on various subjects such as cybersecurity, IoT and sensors, Big data, Machine learning, and Transversal skills, empowering students with the knowledge necessary to excel in the rapidly evolving field of advanced manufacturing.

On Monday, May 15th, a group of 55 vocational (EQF level 4) students embarked on the second pilot round of the “IoT and Sensors” module. These students follow a 3-year curriculum for “software developer”, consisting of 2 years at school and 2 internships at a software development company.

The “IoT and Sensors” module plays a vital role in the DTAM project, exploring the principles of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the significance of sensors in transforming manufacturing processes.

Under the guidance of their instructors, Da Vinci College students will engage in a comprehensive module comprising lessons and exercises designed to deepen their understanding of the Internet of Things. The module encompasses various topics, including sensor technologies, data collection and analysis, connectivity, and the application of IoT principles in industrial contexts.

The pilot will end with a challenge, where students are asked to solve a real-world problem by creating a prototype device. In our case, the challenge consists of building a temperature/air humidity sensor device to monitor climate conditions in a building and to warn when dangerous levels are reached.

Through their participation in the pilot round, students will not only acquire in-depth knowledge but also provide valuable feedback for further refinement of the module. This collaborative approach ensures continuous improvement and an enhanced learning experience for future students.

Da Vinci College takes great pride in its partnership with the DTAM project. By enabling students to explore the latest advancements in digital transformation, the college prepares them for the challenges of advanced manufacturing.

Da Vinci College extends its appreciation to the teachers, project partners, and students involved in this project!

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