The European Association of the Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies or CECIMO, is an umbrella organisation that serves the common interests and values of the European Machine Tool Industries and related Manufacturing Technologies at EU and global level. Our very own DTAM Project member AFM CLUSTER belongs to CECIMO with other 14 national associations in Europe.

CECIMO in collaboration with its’ member associations has recently published the “Transformation of Manufacturing: Embracing Digital and Green Skills” report, which gives information about:

  1. The current state of play
  2. Dual Shortage: Skills and Labour
  3. Emerging Skills
  4. Focus areas

This report confirms that the shift towards sustainable practices and digital solutions is becoming increasingly important in all sectors and advanced manufacturing is no exception. The digital and green transitions are two inevitably interlinked megatrends. It also confirms that machine tool manufacturers are going through a period of transformations and are facing two main challenges, the shortage of required technical skills across the production line and the immediate labour shortage.

The report provides detailed information about both challenges, as well as details about the emerging skills, specifically regarding digital skills, green skills and other future skills.

In line with project DTAM’s mission, the report states that “education is a key driver in building the new generation of skilled employees in manufacturing” and continues by listing 4 key actions to be undertaken by educational institutions i.e.:

  1. Develop tailored courses and modernised training facilities to offer the right skill sets that can adapt to the new dynamic of manufacturing.
  2. Provide work-based learning options, including apprenticeships to mitigate skill mismatches in times of rapid technological change.
  3. Offer sector-specific courses and specialised technical training to meet the needs for digital skills such as Mobile Learning in Smart Factories (MLS) platform as a learning tool in education and training for young professionals in mechanical engineering or technical high schools.
  4. Establish greater coordination and collaboration between workers, educational institutions, and industries to encourage the uptake of mechanical engineering in university courses through innovative teaching methods such as gamification.

In addition, the report provides an analysis of the gradual development of new roles that will complement the traditional roles in the Machine Tool industry, in light of the digital and green transformation

Access the full report via the following link:

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