Our partners from AFM continue to be a benchmark entity in R&D&I for machine tooling and advanced manufacturing, as evidenced by its participation in 7 HAZITEK projects with the Basque Government-SPRI during 2021. The projects address topics as interesting and relevant to the sector as digital transformation through new configurations of the digital value network, generation of added-value services in the sector, flexibilisation of manufacturing systems and improvements in Robot-Human interaction.

AIAM – Research in Technologies based on Artificial Intelligence (IA) and 5G to develop new solutions in advanced manufacturing equipment.

The purpose of the AIAM project is to make strides in the digitalisation process and advance towards incorporating systems to optimise the health of machines and processes, acting on machine and process parameters in real time. This is being done taking advantage of the opportunity provided by two significant enabling tools, i.e. the rollout of 5G networks in manufacturing settings, and Artificial Intelligence applied to decision-making in machine activity and processes

DIGIVaCh – Data science for collaborative operation in the VALUE CHAIN of advanced manufacturing through smart and interoperable management of DIGITAL models

The aim of the DIGIVaCh project is to research and generate knowledge about data exploitation in the value chain using interoperable hybrid digital models, fed with both internal and external data, which are managed intelligently, and which offer solutions to real problems arising during production, notably increasing the competitive edge of companies and leading to the development of innovative products and advanced services that position them and their value chains at the forefront of their sectors.

FLEX24/7 – Research on Technologies for devising ultra-flexible and self-configurable Manufacturing Systems that ensure an utterly agile and modular production.

Project FLEX24/7 proposes to create manufacturing systems as a combination of self-managing and interconnected, smart, autonomous functional blocks in order to meet the manufacturing needs of its industrial clients with customised modular solutions that can be easily reconfigured and bring together flexibility and agility. Under this strategic vision, the aim is to minimise efforts and costs when integrating the elements of the manufacturing system and developing and perfecting its global control, maximising the reuse of sufficiently tested and validated shared functional blocks in different manufacturing lines and cells.

R2M – Flexible and Reconfigurable Manufacturing systems based on Robot-Machine Collaboration

The R2M consortium proposes to research manufacturing systems based on robot-machine collaboration, with the aim of offering flexible and reconfigurable solutions, the value proposition of which for the client is to avail of multi-functional, resilient manufacturing systems with future evolution possibilities, without incurring in re-engineering investment costs. All of the activities have been co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the 2014-2020 European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

EDGE4FoF – Research into balanced hybrid EDGE and Cloud architectures for the Factory of the Future

The EDGE4FoF project seeks to develop a new benchmark architecture in Edge/Cloud Computing to generate innovative products and services capable of automatic load balancing to offer solutions to the factory of the future.

SMARTCON – Integration of digital identity and BlockChain to create value-added services based on Industrial Smartcontracts

SMARTCON aims to research and develop digitalisation solutions that will enable machine tool companies to maximise the added-value of their current industrial products, optimising efficiency, availability, interoperability and the quality of their resources, maintenance services, design and manufacturing processes, as well as creating innovative business models for their multiple customers and suppliers in the new global digital ecosystem of the processes industry.

SSI4.0 – Sovereign Digital Identity and Data Sovereignty in Industry 4.0

SSI4.0 is all about experimental research and development of technologies for reaching a new realm of digitalisation, optimisation and enhancement of industry, focusing on building relationships of trust between players and systems within the industrial ecosystem, as well as managing the sovereignty, integrity and confidentiality of the information exchanged by these (credentials, designs, production data, etc.).

All actions have been co-financed by the Basque Government and the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund 2014-2020 (ERDF).

All these project require digital competencies and DTAM will help to develop them for the current and future workers. DTAM Training Course will consist of approximately 25 training units on digital and transversal skills relevant for IT and OT technicians in AM environments that contribute to the major areas of Industry 4.0 and the foreseen sections of Big Data, Machine Learning, Sensors and Cybersecurity.

Stay tuned to learn more about that in the coming months.

Featured image credit: Designed by fatmawatilauda / Freepik

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